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IPLS’ products data sheets

  • icône IPLSTBT400: automate and secure all the company’s exchanges
  • icône IPLSMultiTBT: a multi-site version of TBT400 to centralise business flows
  • icône IPLSTBT AES: a complete EDI solution, dedicated to IBM i servers
  • icône IPLSAS2 for TBT400: reliable evolution for your EDI transfers (French only)
  • icône IPLSEBICS: a European standard for secure banking transactions (French only)
  • icône IPLSFTP for TBT400: the best known protocol, with a ++ security level (French only)
  • icône IPLSODETTE FTP: automotive sector dedicated standard (French only)
  • icône IPLSPeSIT: for the banking sector, and beyond (French only)
  • icône IPLSSFTP for TBT400: easily transfer your files to and from Unix/Linux (French only)
  • icône IPLSX400: a tailored EDI messaging protocol (French only)
  • icône IPLSTBT EDI: the IBM i native translation solution
  • icône IPLSTBT WEB ACCESS: 5250 emulation solution in thin client mode (French only)


TBT400 MultiTBT TBT AES AS2 Module EBICS Module FTP Module OFTP Module PeSIT Module SFTP Module X400 Module TBT EDI TBT WEB ACCESS

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IPLS customer cases

  • icône IPLSScamark boosts their IBM i system and TCP/IP transactions’ management with TBT400 (French only)
  • icône IPLSSeD Logistique implements TBT400 to optimize their EDI solution in IBM i environment (French only)


Scamark case study SeD Logistique case study

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