Additional solutions for i Series

XOT routers

Some applications function only in X.25 and it is not possible to migrate them to TCP/IP?

We offer to combine our TBT400 communication package with a XOT router: our module XOT400 allows your X25 applications to operate without requiring Transpac services. Depending on the available protocols XOT400 will use:

  • ISDN (Numéris) for pure X.25 partners,
  • TCP/IP (Internet) for XOT-compatible partners.
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XOT400 : X25 access from AS/400 without WAN port (illustration)

XOT400 : X25 access from AS/400 without WAN port

GMFT Table Manager

On large mainframe systems, tables play a strategic role both for users and professionals. GMFT manages tables used in CICS, VSAM, DOS, MVS or TSO. It features:

  • Screen interface for the creation of table structures
  • Interactive or batch data loading
  • Manipulation of tables in real time
  • Access control
  • Data consistency check
  • Batch printing
  • Automatic generation of copy files
  • Many utilities