TBT EDI, the native IBM i translation solution

TBT EDI is a flexible AS/400 environment EDI translation solution intended to simplify exchanges between companies. Its 'any to any' translation engine allows the transformation of files using all market standards: ANSI X 12, EDIFACT, GALIA, GENCOD, INOVERT, TRADACOMS, VDA, XML.

TBT EDI is modular and completely independent of the platform on which it runs, and can thus interface with all software and platforms available on the market. It has a native interface within the TBT400 software, providing optimal integration. At the end of each translation, TBT EDI generates an XML format processing report, which can easily be stored in a reporting database.

Its translation engine is a native executable (PGM). It benefits from all the optimizations provided by the OS/400 compiler, and is capable of translating all file types: physical, logical, dtreamfiles, DDM…

Web view of a 5250 screen after translation with TBT EDI (illustration)

Web view of a 5250 screen after translation with TBT EDI

TBT IDE can be installed alone, or coupled with our TBT400 communication suite for a fully integrated IBM i solution.