TBT400: optimized and secure communication

Centralized management of data exchanges in the IBM I environment

TBT400 is a professional solution for Power Systems architectures and is maintained by a team of experts in systems and telecommunications. Designed to share files from an IBM i server with ease (no dedicated frontal servers), TBT400 automates your transfers while maintaining the security of your computing environment for optimal real-time management.

Benefits of TBT400

  • All the exchanges are logged in a historical file
  • Natural integration into existing IBM i architectures (native IBM i command, C, RPG and Java APIs are provided...)
  • Automation and full supervision of external processes (monitoring of user and third-party programs, EDI translators...)
  • Alerts via email, SMS, OS messages, etc.
  • Confidentiality of communications (SSL/TLS) and stored data (we use the latest technologies of encryption and electronic signature)
  • Modern graphical interface for administration and supervision
  • Performance and reliability (the product core is written in C and IBM MI)
Configuration of MultiTBT (illustration)

Configuration of MultiTBT

TBT400 can be installed alone, or coupled with our TBT EDI file translator for a complete native IBM i communication solution.

MultiTBT, a multi-site version of TBT400

Intended to centralize all of the flows of your business, MultiTBT is a multi-protocol solution (OFTPv2, AS2, SFTP, EBICS TS, X400…) composed of two additional modules.

Installed on a front-end machine, MultiTBT Server centralizes communications between the company and the outside world. It integrates a protocol break that completely isolates the LAN for effective protection within a secure DMZ type architecture, and can implement a VPN. MultiTBT Server also handles the specific processing of incoming and outgoing messages: store and forward.

Added-value compared to SNADS™: propagation of distribution reports, full IP, supervision of all traffic (sent and received), management of alerts from all traffic from the network, optional SSL/TLS encryption...…

Run entirely by the MultiTBT server, MultiTBT Client benefits from all the common features of the TBT400 protocols. Installed on each application machine, it handles communications within the company network, and allows several environments to coexist: production, backup, testing, integration, etc.

MultiTBT Client provides supervision of the processes, an integrated alert system (email, SMS...), and allows the monitoring of acknowledgments from remote applications (all compatible platforms).

Focus SNADS™

In reply to requests from several of our customers, we have added to TBT400 an emulation of SNADS™ features (same commands, same user interface, same settings).
Using this method, applications developed for SNADS™ can use TBT400 without any code changes, and will benefit from the TBT features: data tracking (the behavior of the receiving system is logged by the sending system), escalation of alerts in case of an incident, centralization of EDI processing (simple and scalable architecture, unique technology), possible evolution towards other powerful TBT concepts (IFS support, parallelism, triggering remote processes via multi-TBT), etc.